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100% verified community for Home Design, Interior & Exterior. Find home ideas and ask questions. Live in Kerala & Delhi Join your community of interior designers, architects, carpenters, contractors, civil engineers, building suppliers, painters, electricians, home automation Find photos and videos of interior design, exterior design, bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom/sanitary, home decor, flooring, roofing ideas.

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An excellent platform for the common people to explore various construction related works across the state at your fingertips. And also a good platform for Engineers, Architects, Designers and other construction related workers to showcase their works Most of the plan does not include the area. Moreover, if there is a plan could not zoom by using fingers?! Also the clarity is nil or negligible! Hope the admin make sure the above for the corrective action and giving only one star

It is a useful app.Contents are good.I was annoyed with the frequent notification and reviewed with only one star.But on the very next I got their call and enquired the details regarding my review.I think that should be appreciated.Well done team kolo Thanks Anoop for revisiting the ratings. Hope you continue using the app and find it useful in your Home construction Journey. Your review on notification is appreciated. we are considering the notification limit feature for users in the coming releases.

App is good to use and easy to get in connect with other professionals actually we are looking for it. I would like to know some kind of assistance from the provider, I installed the app from the play store like everybody does, but my question is regarding the privacy priority? When I opened the app it is just ask for the language options and some usual things which is okay for everyone, but I wondered how it's gonna fetching my personal email address and mobile number? Kindly provide your contact
Must have for all the Carpenters,Interior designers, 3D designers &Architects to showcase their work and take it to a broader canvas across Kerala. Try it if you are looking for design ideas for your dream home!

Make it home with Qanvast. Whether it’s a sanctuary nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a party pad where the nights are always young, or a child-friendly crib to start a family, your dream home is within reach. Unlock the possibilities of what your home could be. Discover thousands of interior ideas, complete with renovation costs and reviews from homeowners.

Download App:Turn your dream home into a reality. Get handpicked recommendations from a pool of over 200 trusted interior designers that cater to your budget needs and style preferences. Find nifty design tips and tricks, and get the inside scoop on all things renovation! Discover the best home appliances and furnishings (and where to get them) to complete your space.

The app is great source of interior design ideas. However, I'd suggest engaging any of the companies with caution. The ratings in the app are "curated" according to Qanvast. So in reality, a 4 or 5 stars rating does not reflect the quality of services. It is simply that Qanvast does not take into the bad reviews/ratings in their published overall score. I personally engaged a SUPER TRUST status ID from Qanvast and I'd give the firm 3Stars at most. The ID industry in Singapore is unregulated and even individuals with no qualification can easily setup an ID company.

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